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Growth Snacks Ep 1

Growth Snacks Ep 1

Will opening up my relationship re-center my partnership?

Welcome to our first episode of the Growth Snacks Podcast! A little bit about your host Brian, he is a personal development facilitator, trainer, and coach. We believe that in a world of curation and images, the fun happens in the messiness of growth and pushing past your comfort zone.

The format of the show is a little different from what you might expect. Each week we will bring on a caller who is facing a challenge that they would like to receive coaching on. Sometimes, we’ll have guests, and fellow coaches, that will also be there to support the caller through their challenge. At the end of each call, the caller will leave with a bit of homework to take into their lives.

This week is Annie, and she shares the adventure, fear, and hope about the process of opening up her relationship.

If you’d like to be a caller on our pod, please email with the subject line: “Caller request.”

Growth Snacks
Growth Snacks Podcast
I’m Brian and each week I publish content on personal growth. Sometimes it will be things I’ve learned in my own growth experience, but most times I’ll be answering readers’ questions about personal growth.
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